Monday, April 28, 2003

Enterprise: Anyone else missing DCB?

Looks like not many people are missing DCB from SUN. It used to be one of my favorites, which has pretty good Enterprise level articles. It used to carry pretty good information about J2EE production deployments.

Sun has moved the most popular Dot-Com Builder articles to other Sun developer sites. We invite you to visit these sites for articles on Web services, Web security, and various other how-to articles for Web architects: -- Sun ONE for Developers -- BigAdmin System Administration Portal -- Java Technology -- Wireless Technology
Also, there is an archive of forum discussion threads at

But I couldn't find some of the Deployment Articles published under DCB anywhere mentioned above. There is a great need for Portal with contents similar to what DCB used to be. It used to be pretty good resource for J2EE Architects. Hope SUN will get it back.

Some of the best articles from DCB are at BigAdmin.

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