Monday, September 01, 2003

Dear Mr Fleury stop spamming us

Unfortunately JBossGroup thinks none of the rules that applies to every enterpise applies to them. Its a minimum courtesy to have a link to "remove me" in news letters and marketing junk. Here is the latest mail sent by Marc F to what ever list he maintains:


Just a quick one to cover August.

August was a great month for JBG, our best so far with record sales and
booming business. We will unveil the service partnership program soon.
On an interesting bit of news, JBoss made it #2 on the Computer Reseller
News as 'fastest growing certification in importance for large SI's'.

If you are in Europe and back from holiday, you may want to register for
the Stockholm training on September 8 (that is next week). Also let me
draw you attention to the OCT bootcamp in Amsterdam, you don't want to
miss that one. That is Oct 12.

Finally, there a number of events coming up where you can catch us.
You can catch Scott at the Web Services Edge West on Oct 1 and me in
Paris for the XML day on Oct 7, before the bootcamp on Oct 12, did we
say it was in Amsterdam?

All information is on our website at and



Marc Fleury, Ph.D
JBoss Group, LLC

jboss-news mailing list

The link gives server error:
HTTP Status 500 - No Context configured to process this request

Mark, next time u send your crap to us please provide a remove me link.

After publishing this on my blog, Fleury woke up and sent a mail to jboss-news with the subject "How to unsubscribe + quickie". Here are the full contents of his Email:


Just a quickie to remind you that if you want to unsubscribe from this
list there should be directions at the bottom. We finally fixed the
port issues so you can unsubscribe by clicking below.

We just reconciled the lists and there are 40,000 entires on the list.
That is quite a bit of you that have subscribed to jboss-news. I am
looking forward to this out-reach mass channel as communication is

Another quickie, we finished the services partners contracts and we
to release soon. I also want to remind the europeans that we will be
amsterdam for bootcamp on Oct 11-12, you don't want to miss it,

Let me know if you encounter problems in the unsubscribe for those of
you going offline, we recently fixed a glitch that pointed to 8080
instead of the main port 80. It should work, let me know if it

Kind regards


Marc Fleury, Ph.D
JBoss Group, LLC

jboss-news mailing list

I am just glad I didn't get a reply **** my **** from Marc. May be he is maturing.

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