Wednesday, October 01, 2003

Office: 1.1 released announced first major update to OpenOffice. 1.1 is now final and English version is available for download on Windows, Solaris and Linux. I have been using 1.0.x versions and 1.1 RC's for a while. With every update OpenOffice is getting better and better and better compatability with M$ Office. OpenOffice is now the only office suite on my home machine.
The two new major features for me in 1.1 update are export to PDF format from Writer and export to Macromedia Flash format (.swf) from Impress. Support for export to PDF got better with every update.
Checkout my blog archive for the month 2003_09 exported to PDF from Writer:Kumar Mettu's Blog.pdf. The only data lost from saved html file is Hyperlinks.
Here is a simple presentation exported to Macromedia Flash format (.swf):

Check out XML Essentials book online.

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