Thursday, October 07, 2004

JDocs: Sun is right

First of all, I think JDocs is a great a Idea. Especially if you need to refer to several open source java docs. But using JDocs for a while I can see why Sun didn't want to provide JavaDocs at doesn't have same uptime as With little or no money that JDocs makes, Rick has little resources to maintain uptime required. Last two hours I am not able to access JDocs for whatever reason.

Missing features: There are several features that are missing in JDocs. Index is disabled on main page for all api's where as index link doesn't work in individual class docs(But link is not disabled).

Unwanted Advertisements: Do we really want to see Microsoft advertisements on JavaDocs?

EOL Docs removal: Sun prefers to remove javadocs for EOL products to encourage users to move to supported versions of J2SE. Everytime it needs to do this, it has to deal with Rick.

I love and use it very often but that doesn't mean I want J2SE JavaDocs on


Anonymous said...

Totally agree. I like better since it just works.

Ashish said...

You are right on about advertising. I don't mean the Microsoft part (last I knew we had constitutional protections for free speech). Its the fact that displays advertising (and hence generate revenue) on content they don't necessarily own or create. This is why Google News does not have ads.

Anonymous said... doesn't stop you from going to does it? :)

What DOES give you, is the ability for people to comment on the docs, and build community around it.

For that reason, they should be allowed to offer J2SE/J2EE/J2ME apis.