Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Why your Mom should Firefox2 Today

A Picture is worth 1000 words. Here is an examples on why you need and your Mom need to get Firefox2 today:

1) Anti-phishing: Checkout the email I received supposedly from Paypal.

On opening it in Firefox2 you get the warning right away:

2) Spell check integration: Firefox2 has an awesome spell check integration for all the forms filled:

So get yourself and your Mom Firefox2 today.


Anonymous said...

How about a link to installation?

Anonymous said...

The spell checker isn't that hot. We already have one on OS X, and they've gone and implemented another (inferior) that doesn't even integrate. So now they want us to have two different dictionaries?

Anonymous said...

Google's toolbar has a pretty good Spellcheck capability already; site 'monitoring' could be handled at least in part by SiteAdvisor (now owned by McAfee). Both of these will work in either IE or Firefox.