Saturday, April 12, 2003

JBOSS: JBossGroup thinks JBOSS Users are PIGS?

Here is the mail send by Bill Burke to jboss-development Mailing list asking members of list to cheat on JDJ awards:

From: Bill Burke
vote for jboss on JDJ
2003-04-09 06:44
Hey everybody, sorry for the junk mail. Just wondering if you could cast your vote for JBoss as Best Appserver at JDJ. Suspiciously, JDJ left us off the ballot until a bunch of people complained so we missed at least a week of voting! Please take some time to vote for us and tell your friends and colleagues. In fact, vote as many times as you have an email address!

here's the link:

Thanks all, and sorry to bother you.

Bill Burke
Chief Architect
JBoss Group, LLC

Cast your vote for JBoss as JDJ Best App Server

So essentially JBOSS group wants you to cheat right? Thats not it. Here is a mail sent by Marc Fleury to the same jboss-development a year ago when he thought Oracle told to its employees to cast vote for their own appserver last year:

From: marc fleury
RE: JDJ Best App-Server
2002-05-20 14:08
1- go and vote
2- go and bitch (about the categories)

let's make some noise, I can ***NOT** believe that Oracle would have 1600 votes, (!) just an email in the company saying "go vote or I fire your ass" and all 1600 employees of the java division went there 2 weeks ago (all at once) sweating bullets and transpiring like pigs. This industry makes me laugh, they are the piggies in the straw houses and supposedly we look like wolves from the outside,


If employees of Oracle are compared to PIGS, wouldn't the same apply to JBOSS jboss-development Mailing list members?

Thursday, April 10, 2003

OpenSource: Finally Someone Speaks the truth

Jonathan Schwartz Executive Vice President, Software Group at SUN talks about the differences between Open source and open standards. This a must read for every programmer who thinks Open Source is the only way. Jonathan states the importance of Open Standards.

Wednesday, April 09, 2003

FUN: Now someone wants 10 years .NET experience

We all heard of unreasonalbe job postings. Here is the latest thats posted to one of the Yahoo Groups:

This Requirement is for a good MNC Based in XXXX. They are looking for following people. Please send your Latest Profile with your details:

1) C,C++ 10+ yrs exp
2) .NET Tech 10+ Yrs
3) Peoplesoft Functional HRMS with Exp in Variable Compensation
4) Oracle Applications Technical

Pls send your Latest Resume:
1. Latest Resume
2. Location Preferences
3. Current Salary
4. Expecting Salary
5. Joining time
6. Contact nos. and availability timings
7. if any Short Term / Contract assignments - YES / NO :

May I Request U To XXXXXXX