Monday, August 30, 2004

ShortHorn and Long XP

I am trying to make some meaning out of all the misguiding press relases and Interviews from the dark side about Longhorn changes.

Longhorn now to be called ShortHorn:
* WinFS is not part of the Longhorn2006 release.

WinxowsXP now to be called LongXP:
* Avalon and Indigo will be available on XP and Windows 2003.

What does this mean?
* Avalon being available for WindowsXP is a big push to Avalon based based applications.
* This would bring out the ugly mixed applications that are needs interoperability between Avalon and Windows Forms.
* All the killer apps that are going to be based on WinFS are going to wait little longer.
* Longhorn is not a "Many shoots at moon" anymore. Its just an incremental release over XP.
* Longhorn Client OS to be released in 2006 and Server OS to be released in 2007.

Sunday, August 29, 2004

Visual Studio learns from Java IDE's

Gone are the days when every java developers hoped to find an IDE which is as capable as Visual Studio. Now Studio 2005 seem to be following Java IDE's. Here are the latest features in Visual Studio 2005 :

The Visual Studio IDE also includes new features. Refactoring intelligently updates your source code, and Expansions speed up code entry with predefined templates.