Thursday, December 16, 2004

BEA: Diablo (weblogic9 Beta) available for download

BEA made Diablo (Weblogic9 Beta) available for download as promised today.
Download it here.
Documentation is here.
What's new in 9.0 is here.

The changes to me looked like this release should have been 8.2 instead of 9. There are lot of little goodies but nothing that really make me want to move to 9 from 8.1. The most exciting change is support for JDK5.0

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Google: Is this really possible?

Google did amazing JavaScript again with google suggest. I always hated Javascript and have to agree what google is doing is really amazing because its really cool and flaw less work with JavaScript and XMLHTTP.

Here is a link to the compresses javascript used by google (Don't you wonder why so few sites really compress js?).