Thursday, December 11, 2003

J2SE: J2SE 1.5 Early Access on Dec15th?

Rick Ross mentioned J2SE 1.5 Early Access may be available by Dec 15th (Atmost by 22nd) on JavaLobby news posts here.

Here is the snippet of the news post:

On a completely separate note, we have been receiving a good deal of email lately asking for details on the upcoming early access release of the preliminary J2SE 1.5 binaries. I spoke today with the product line manager at Sun directly responsible for this, and she confirmed that they are pushing as hard as they can to get the release out the door for Javalobby members. The latest word is that the target date is December 15, but that in no case will it be later than December 22 when Sun begins its holiday break. The purpose of this early access release is for Javalobby members to help provide valuable testing and uncover and remaining bugs in the J2SE 1.5 code, so please keep in mind that this is PRE-RELEASE code and that you cannot expect it to be perfect. I'm excited that Sun is making this opportunity available exclusively to Javalobby members, so I hope you'll make the most of it and help improve Java in the process.

Note to Rick: Javalobby news emails are ending up in bulk folder for Yahoo users. You might want to do something about it. I read the news 2 days late while checking out bulk folder.

Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Java Desktop System is here

Java Desktop System is available for purchase at SUN's site. for $50. Check out the cool Looking Glass Demo by Jonathan Schwartz.

Star Office PC

Also SUN made Solaris x86 Free. Download it here.