Thursday, February 05, 2004

SPAM: We need your Debit Card PIN number

This mail is being circulated today. I recieved this mail to my yahoo account.

_Dear citibank_ _Client_,

This_ leter was seent by_the CITI_bank server to
veerify your _email_ adderss_.
You mmust clpemote this pcresos by clicking on_the_link
beelow and enttering in the smmall window your Citi-Bank
_Debit card number and PIN that you use_ in the Atm_Machine.
This is done - for_your pocrettion -T- becourse some of our
memmbers no lneogr have acescs to their email adredesss
and we must verify it.

(I removed the link here for Security reasons)
To veerify _your _EMAIL_ address and access your _Citibank
account, clik on_the_link beelow.


Check the spelling mistakes to avoid Yahoo spam blockers. But bad for them I am not a CitiBank customer :-)

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